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Weekly Update, 10/22/18

Good Afternoon!

Once again, we have a quiet week ahead at the gym!  We will continue to work on our Veteran’s Day Parade routine (parade is Nov 3 @ 10:30am).  Details will follow as soon as I receive them from Universal City.

If you need tan shoes for the parade…I have ordered shoe dye to be used on inexpensive white canvas shoes from Walmart (or anywhere) KEDS style.  PLEASE bring white shoes to the gym by Thursday (this week) with your child’s name in permanent marker on the tongue (of both shoes)  and I will (attempt to) dye them!  This is for all level 1-4 kids who want/need shoes to wear for parades.  Twirlers may NOT wear jazz shoes in the parade. A coaching friend in CA told me about this option so I am going to give it a try!  

Disney Performers: Parent Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 23rd at 6:30pm (Tomorrow night).  I’ve secured a room at the Schertz Library to hold our meeting!  It is in Meeting Room 2 in the Children’s section (to the right when you enter the library).  Drop your twirler off at the gym and head over.  I will start the meeting as soon as I can get there from the Level 2 class.  Please bring your calendar so that we can plan future meetings and I can schedule the room.  We need 1 representative from each family in attendance (this has been on the calendar all month).  Premiere Fundraiser begins on Oct 30th!

Competition Twirlers:  Contest Entries are due on Wed!

Reminder:  Youth Board Member applications are due on the 30th!

Mrs. Vickie will be at the gym on Tuesday.  Some of the girls need their bras to be sewn in… please don’t forget to bring them.

For planning sake:

Oct 24                Contest Entries Due

Oct 30                Premiere Fundraiser begins Oct 31                Halloween (No classes/Lessons)

Nov 3                  Veteran’s Day Parade @ 10:30am

Nov 9,10            Yard Sale Fundraiser @ Wehman Farm

Have a great week!



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