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I love Twirling Sweet Sensations. It is my second family. I love going to practice because I know I will get to see my friends, and my coach Mrs.Michele. It's fun to learn new tricks during practice and then go home and keep practicing until I've mastered them, so next practice I can show that I can do it, and learn another trick. I can't wait for the new competition season to start!


7th grade - Tejeda Middle School

Level 4 

Twirling Sweet Sensations is an amazing team to be on! The coaches are fantastic and my daughter loves being part of this wonderful group!  Michele Pangrac is an excellent coach and mentor to all the students.  My daughter has learned so much in just a years time and has had many wonderful opportunities already: local parades, Missions game performance and even being in a parade at Disneyland!  

Sarah S.

Twirling Sweet Sensations has been an absolute life and attitude change for my daughter. We tried every sport and activity as a child with not much success, but one night of trying twirling with this group hooked my daughter for good. She loves the twirling, but it is actually the support and excitement from the amazing Coach Michele and the older girls that help that made my girl want to keep coming back for more. She now begs to practice and go to class, just to be part of the super positive and energetic atmosphere. I am so thankful for TSS in our lives!

Tracey B.

Twirling Sweet Sensations has become our second family.  The benefits of this group far exceed learning amazing twirling skills.  The twirling skills of these coaches (past & present) speak for themselves through the results at every single competition.  My daughter has learned how to compete with grace because of the examples shown in the older teammates and coaches.  When she has a "not so good" performance, she has learned to shake it off and go back out there and win.   She has also made lasting friendships with not only her teammates, but also her competition.  I can't tell you the number of times I've cried tears of pride watching her and her team march in parades (including at Disneyland), and excel during competitions, and shine on the football fields.  They have fun together, cry together, and sweat together.  The life lessons learned on this team was also something I was pleasantly surprised by.  My daughter is now an honor student - which never would have happened without learning the focus this sport has taught her.  WE LOVE TWIRLING SWEET SENSATIONS!

Mindy W.


We couldn’t find a sport that our daughter loved and truly brought out all of her joy. While she was competing in a summer swim league, a friend mentioned something about a twirling camp near by.  Having no personal experience or exposure to twirling, I was on the fence. But I had also heard about Mrs. Michele and how wonderful she was as a coach. Surrounding our daughter with a positive  and encouraging environment is essential. I signed her up. We walked in, both of us unsure. Immediately, we were welcomed by Mrs. Michele’s beautiful smile and contagious energy. While we waited for camp to start, a few of the college students performed.  At that moment, I watched my daughter fall in love with twirling. Hooked! Soon we found out we were moving 2 1/2 hours away. Mrs. Michele didn’t hesitate. She offered to try virtual lessons and I got her to regular classes at least once a month. Because of this, my daughter has been able to compete, perform at Disneyland, make new friends and do what she loves.  All of the coaches, teammates and parents are supportive and encouraging. My daughter and I didn’t know if the distance would work; it did and still does!  Twirling Sweet Sensations is a family and a treasure!


Jennifer S.


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