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Weekly Update, 10/15/18

Good Morning!

I’m so excited about the cooler weather!!  We have a quiet week at the gym and will continue working on the Parade routine for the Veteran’s Parade on November 3rd.  More details will come as it gets closer, but parade start time is 10:30 and we usually arrive @ an hour beforehand.  It proceeds down Pat Booker in Universal City. 

Competitive twirlers… the Fall Festival Entry deadline is approaching!  I have hard copies of entries at the gym, you can print the attached form or register on-line through our website!

Fun”d” 2 Raise Fundraiser began last week.  ALL Disney travelers are required to participate.  All other team member are welcome to join in this fundraiser!  If all 50+ twirlers participate, we can potentially bring in $12, 250!  Remember, we purchase fleece jackets for our new members for our Schertz Festival of Angels Parade!  These funds come from the non-profit that both Disney travelers and other team members benefit from!  Please let me know if you need your scratch off card! I’ve attached the information.

Little reminder:  monthly fees are due today! Please contact Mrs. Sweet, if there are questions/problems!

Have a great week!



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