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Weekly Update, 10/29/18

Good Afternoon!

I apologize this is so full of information, but things are colliding and will need your attention for the next few weeks!  I will send a calendar out next weekend as we are finalizing a few Nov. dates.

This week at the gym:

No classes on Wednesday!  Happy Halloween!

We will purchase fleece jackets for our newest team members (all levels) for the Holiday Parade (looks like it could be a cold year).  I will have a sign-up sheet at the gym for sizes and names that go on the front.  Please make sure you see this (but keep it a little secret from your twirler).  I know there are no Wed classes so will need by next week!  Festival of Angels Parade will be on SATURDAY, Dec 1st this year!  This is the same day as the Hutto contest, so I will plan to only stay ½ day at the contest to return for the parade.

Veteran’s Day Parade:  Saturday, Nov 3.  The deadline to register is the 30th, so I may not have final information until Wed or Thurs!  It begins at 10:30am.  We will plan to meet at 9:30 fully dressed and ready to perform.  I will send an info sheet but for planning sake, Level 1s will be in practice uniforms and Level 2 and up will be in performance costumes with tights.  Staging area is at the Universal Square Shopping Center, 1902 Pat Booker Rd. but we are usually put in a spot on the street for line-up on Universal City Blvd.  Christy Calahan will have a sign-up at the gym for volunteers to walk the parade route and banner carriers.  We are making a few “requirements” for our volunteers.  Please wear jeans/black on the bottom and a team t-shirt or royal blue shirt if you sign up to walk the route.  Our banner carriers will be required to be in black leggings with hair slicked up in pony tail.  They should wear a tank top that I can give them a parade shirt to wear that they can slip over their tank and return to me.  They will also be given a hair bow.  They are leading our parade with our banner and we are wanting to look professional and polished from the start.

Fall Festival: November 17th! Deadline for our Fall Festival has officially passed and we are in the organization and planning stages of finalizing the event.  We have 60 entries!  I have attached 2 links below for sign-ups.  One is for the day of the contest for concession/hospitality volunteers and one is for donations.  I need lots of help with all of this! There are 2 spots that I need volunteers to coordinate… the hospitality room for the judges and someone to take over and coordinate the concession stand.  The preliminary groundwork is done, but as I jump into finishing the contest “stuff” I need 2 people to take charge of both of those things.  Please sign up if you can spearhead one of those two areas!  You will be guided along the way… I promise!

We are doing a raffle of gift baskets at the contest to help raise funds.  If you are wishing to donate, please contact Kristie Powers at 210-584-1311 or We already have a great Christmas bag donated by Amanda Del Toro with blankets, movie, games, hot chocolate, etc.!

We will also be selling hair bows, baton bags, necklaces and other misc. twirl items coordinated by Kelly Butler 512-635-9408 or (Fall Festival Contest Day Volunteer Sign-up) (Fall Festival Contest/Concession Donation Sign-up)

Competition Twirling????  Many of our new twirlers are expressing an interest in competitive twirling.  I have come up with a quick “try it” option for our Level 1 twirlers for our November contest!  For $50, your Level 1 twirler can enter our Ratings Only events at our Fall Festival.  We will teach them 2 events: Basic Strut and Fundamentals!  They will not compete against anyone else but will simply go for a 1, 2, or 3 Ratings Ribbon and receive comments from a judge.  They will get to attend the Fall Festival to see what twirling is all about! We will meet on Mondays from 5-5:30pm on November 5th and 12th and those two classes are included in the price!  If they like it, we will add a Novice Solo class to our schedule in January!! Please text me, directly, if your twirler is interested!!

Disney Travelers:  We WILL begin the parade routine on Tuesday!! It is difficult to catch up if you miss classes to please make every effort to be there!

Yard Sale is Nov 8-10 (includes set-up).  The following link is for sign-ups!  We expect every family to help!  Please also sign-up above to help in the concession stand at the contest!!  Start saving your treasures to donate! (Yard Sale Sign-up)

The fundraising team met yesterday and came up with a schedule of fundraising to take us through our trip.  We are compiling it as well as notes from our meeting last Tues and will send those separately as soon as they are complete.  I apologize that you will get several e-mails.  Please, please, read them completely and mark your calendars or make notes!  I am working on an updated Sponsor Letter.  I will send that out in the next day or two with updated Sponsorship amounts.

I need a volunteer to write Thank You notes as these sponsorships come in.  You will be provided with notecards and postage!  Please let me know if you can stay on top of this one!

Whew!!!  I think that is it for now… more to come, I’m sure!  As soon as I get Veteran’s Parade info, I will send it!!

Blessings for a great week!


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